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Khamis, 31 Mac 2011

Attachment students receive certificates of completion

By Liza Mohamad

A ceremony to present certificates was held for uniformed group members on an attachment programme at Suri Seri Begawan Hospital in Kuala Belait recently.

The certificates were presented to mark the completion of the attachment programme organised by Belait Red Crescent Association.

The attachment programme started on March 21 with 65 secondary school students comprising members of Red Crescent groups, Scouts and Girl Guides from PAP Hjh Rashidah Sa'adatul Bolkiah Secondary School in Lumut, PJN Pg Abu Bakar Secondary School and Sayyidina Ali Secondary School, Kuala Belait.

The Director of Co-Curriculum Education Department, Awang Hj Kassim bin Haji Mohd Yassin was present as the guest of honour to present certificates to the students.

In his speech, he said it is an interesting and beneficial project for uniformed groups. He added that it should be extended and organised by Red Crescent Association in other districts.

He believes that such a project provides the members with the experience and exposure to boost their credentials when applying for jobs. The attachment programme also helps promote cooperation between three uniformed groups; foster closer relations and promote teamwork. The students also assist nurses at the hospital; build knowledge in nursing field and help fulfill the students' time during the school holidays.

In the project, participants were attached at several wards in the hospital such as the emergency ward, record room, outpatient ward, small operating room and PHY ward dressed in their respective uniforms. Apart from that, the attachment programme equipped the members with knowledge and basic life skill in case of emergency or natural disasters like floods in Brunei.

He further highlighted that according to statistics from Red Crescent Association in Brunei, there are only 634 members comprising students and the number is comparatively small than other uniformed groups. Therefore, he advised the association to boost participation by organising various activities and make it more attractive and appealing to students. These should be done in the interest of developing and increasing the number of association members.

Meanwhile, the Chairman, Awg Hj Pungut bin Hj Damit said the annual project has been carried out for the ninth time where members are assigned to carry out light duties in the hospital. From the project, the members showed enthusiasm where nurses taught them how to handle patients like lifting patients from the wheelchair to the bed, bringing patients to the X-ray room, laboratory and also assist physiotherapists to cleanup the bed and other tasks.

This year, the Belait Red Crescent Association received 100 registrations for the project but only 60 members were accepted. However, the association is planning to conduct the programme sometime in December to give opportunity for other members. Therefore it is imperative for parents to encourage their students to take part in extra curricular activities, the chairman noted.

A Belait Red Crescent member receiving the certificate of completion.

During the presentation of certificates ceremony. - PHOTOS: LIZA MOHAMAD

Borneo Bulletin Online - Monday, 28 March 2011.

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