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Selasa, 7 Disember 2010

Red Crescent seeks more volunteers

Saturday, November 13, 2010

THE Red Crescent Society is intensifying its recruitment efforts by roping in more veteran volunteers. Secretary General of the Brunei Red Crescent Society, Hj Julaini Hj Latif told The Brunei Times on the sidelines of the society's annual general meeting yesterday that that they had some difficulties and constraints compared to other Red Crescent societies in the region.

He explained that as majority of the society's members were students,most of the activities were limited to weekends even then, he added, "we cannot totally rely on the children because they have a commitment to school and exam preparations".

Brunei Red Crescent Society Deputy President, Datin Hjh Siti Hajar POKSS Dato Paduka Hj Mohammad Yusof presenting promotion letters yesterday to four members of the organisation.
Picture: BT/Adam Radhi

In light of the circumstance it is on the organisation's agenda to "enhance recruitment" by widening the scope to include "veterans, adults, and especially those who have retired and (are) interested to continue (volunteer service)".

Hj Julaini said that the best medium for potential volunteers to contact the organisation at the moment would be to email bdredcrescent@gmail.com as they were in the process of developing a blog in their website.

Asked about the society's achievements over the years, Hj Julaini said, "We are making steady progress; slow but definitely steady."

"In March this year, we were given the responsibility and trust by the International Federation for Red Crescent (IFRC) for Brunei to host an Asean meeting on Red Crescent societies (in the region)."

He shared that the society has secured close working ties with the Accident and Emergency Department at the Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Saleha (Ripas) Hospital as there were times where they needed the Red Crescent members to help them and at the same time they coached and trained the members as well.

He said during the flood on September 9, this year the society had lent its services wherever necessary and as a result became one of the members on standby for the National Disaster Management Centre.

Asked whether the society has extended their aid across domestic borders, for instance the recent tsunami and earthquake in Indonesia, the secretary general said, "during that time we did not actually go there, but we were ready with a small team".

He added, "The system here is (such that) we can not simply go. We have to wait and get permission from the responsible departments."

Asked if there is a core group of members who can assign and relieve people of positions, Hj Julaini replied, "In principle its a voluntary (organisation)," adding that in all his service he has not experienced such and that "position comes second" to "how best we can give our service".


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