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Jumaat, 4 Februari 2011

Red Crescent urged to take more responsibility

Chua Guan Cheong

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

THE Belait Red Crescent has been urged by the Belait District Officer to take on more responsibility during their visit to the District Office in Kuala Belait yesterday morning.

The visit was part of the non-governmental organisation's (NGO) plan to invite the District Officer Matusin Orang Kaya Sura Hj Tuba to become the society's Honourary Advisor.

While accepting the appointment as the Honourary Advisory, Matusin has on behalf of the Red Crescent of Brunei Darussalam, officially presented Chai Yum Fatt as the Chairman of Belait Red Crescent.

Speaking at the ceremony, Matusin reminded the society members that they must try to learn as much as possible from their experiences both as Red Crescent members and from their social lives, stressing that there were no shortcuts to success.

He also urged the members to continuously improve their knowledge on the job, and carry out their duties sincerely, remembering not the rewards that they maybe getting rather to concentrate on the contributions that they can make.

Speaking to The Brunei Times after the ceremony, the District Officer said that he wanted to see more youths getting themselves involved in the setup.

"What I hope to see is that they will be able to train more youngsters to take on more responsibilities. The youths are the future leaders and what we see today in them is the future of our country," added Matusin.

He said: "The NGOs should also take the initiative to help out in the various events, and the help by Red Crescent in the recent flood relief efforts will be a good example."

The visit by the Belait Red Crescent was also part of their plans to strengthen relations with the government agencies in the district with an eye on ensuring a higher level of cooperations in the future.

Belait District Officer Matusin Orang Kaya Sura Hj Tuba (L) receiving the certificate of Honourary Advisor from Belait Red Crescent Chairman Chai Yum Fatt yesterday. Picture: BT/Chua Guan Cheong

- The Brunei Times Online. December 29, 2010.

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