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Isnin, 30 Januari 2012

Sports Injury Cycle

1. Preventing:

To stop an injury from occurring.

2. Incident Phase:

The first few seconds to minutes around that injury. DRABS implemented to ensure there is no danger or life threatening problems.

3. Acute Phase:

48 – 72 hours after the injury. Injury is quickly assess using STOP, TOTAPS, RICER, etc to provide appropriate initial management and to ensure there is no further damage to the injured part. This step also provides appropriate instructions to the athlete regarding their responsibilities over the next 48 – 72 hours.

4. Definitive Care:

When athlete is referred to a health professional for a definitive diagnosis. Sport trainers work with the health professional to plan management through to athletes return to sport.

5. Rehabilitation:
Restoring of normal functioning of the injured part follows from the definitive diagnosis. This continues until the athlete has recovered from the injury, regained skills lost due to injury, tissue has healed and regained function and body has regained function.

6. Prevention of Reoccurrence:
Prevent the injury from reoccurring by ensured rehabilitation is thorough, aggressive and complete and performance testing has been carried out to ensure athlete has recovered fully and back to normal training.

[Sekolah Sukan’s School Diary SPeED (Student Personal Educational Diary)]

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