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Selasa, 3 April 2012

Examinations of Patient

Initial Examination of Patient

Check - airway is clear, breathing, pulse. Protect neck from movement.

Secondary Examination

Head - check for wounds, fluid from eyes, ears, nose, mouth. Check Level of Unconsciousness - Alert, responds to voice, responds only to pain, unresponsive.

Neck - is airway OK, upper spine: if in doubt support head and neck.

Chest - feels ribs for any sign of pain or deformity.

Abdomen - press very gently and check for any spasms, swelling or pain.

Back - feel gently along spine noting any points of tenderness.

Pelvis - apply gentle pressure to the crest of each hip in a downward direction towards the centre line of body and note any pain or instability.

Legs - squeeze each one from groin to toes looking for lack of circulation, sensation, or motion in the toes.

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