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Rabu, 28 November 2012

SM Rimba II takes 'Road Safety Pledge'

James Kon

A banner for the Road Safety Awareness programme was handed over to Hjh Suriani binti Hj Hashim by Hj Abdul Majid bin Hj Hidup from Insurans Islam Taib.

Hjh Suriani binti Hj Hashim, the Principal of Rimba II Secondary School making the road safety pledge online while Capt (RC) Aneta Yusuf, Head of Secretariat of the Red Crescent Society of Brunei-Muara District looks on.
The Red Crescent unit of the school leading the reading of the oath for road safety.
Students of the school taking their oath for road safety. - PHOTOS: JAMES KON

Rimba II Secondary School (SM Rimba II) yesterday became the latest of secondary schools nationwide to pledge its support for the Road Safety Programme 2012, an international programme which was introduced by the International Federation of Red Crescent Society five years ago to outline the responsibility in providing knowledge on road safety.
Road accidents cause losses not only in the form of psychological effects and risks to the victims and family members, but also to the economy of the country. Therefore the Red Crescent Society, especially at the Asean level, is working together with IFRC to come up with a number of awareness programmes for road safety following the needs and requirements of each respective country.
Currently, the Red Crescent Society of the Brunei-Muara District, with the cooperation of the Brunei National Road Safety Council, has come up with the Road Safety Pledging programme to instil the culture of road safety and to inject the students to be an agent of road safety messages for people around them.
The five main fundamental rules that need to be addressed are wearing seat belts, observing the speed limit, not using mobile phones while driving, using pedestrian walkways and avoiding tailgating.
Each school's Red Crescent unit continues to play an important role in monitoring the programmes in each school. Yesterday saw the Principal of Rimba II Secondary School, Hjh Suriani binti Hj Hashim leading the way in making the pledge for road safety.
A banner for the road safety awareness programme was handed over to the principal by Hj Abdul Majid bin Hj Hidup from Insurans Islam Taib.
Capt (RC) Aneta Yusuf, Head of Secretariat of the Red Crescent Society of Brunei-Muara, in her speech said, "The programme is also in support of His Majesty's titah in conjunction with the 28th National Day of Brunei Darussalam on February 23, 2012."
She also revealed, "Red Crescent Society of Brunei-Muara will continue to come up with an action plan in cooperation with the Road Safety Council and strategic partners in the corporate sector to create a co-curriculum activity through various educational activities to raise awareness on road safety through the department of co-curriculum education under the Ministry of Education next year." The students also read out the road safety oaths and then made their pledges on www.bruneiredcrescent.com/roadsafetypledge/.
- Borneo Bulletin - Tuesday. November 27th, 2012.


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