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Isnin, 25 April 2011

Kupu SB displays of CCA come to a close

Koo Jin Shen

Sunday, April 24, 2011

STUDENTS from the Seri Begawan Religious Teachers University College (Kupu SB) concluded the two-day display of their co-curricular activities yesterday.

The closing ceremony was highlighted by marching drills by the Red Crescent and Fire and Rescue cadets, followed by a series of performances by the various co-curriculum groups to display what they have learned through participation.

The Fire and Rescue cadets demonstrated how to handle a fire hose and extinguishers, student volunteers from the Red Crescent displayed various first aid techniques while the volunteers Kupu SB produced a play to emphasise the importance of charity and prayer.

Watching the demonstrations was the guest of honour, Dr Ustazah Hjh Masnon Hj Ibrahim, Raes of Kupu SB.

As the events celebrating the conclusion of co-curricular activities for the semester came to a close, Kupu SB students, who aim to one day become religious teachers, spoke to The Brunei Times about how the activities impact them and the importance of the skills they have learned as future teachers.

Hj Mohd Jaya Hj Metussin, First Year Student at Kupu SB, who is also a teacher-in-service trainee said that his time spent doing co-curricular activities as a Fire and Rescue cadet would be helpful in the case of a fire that happens in school. "With the skills we have learned, it could help keep a small fire under control until the authorities come to deal with it," he said. He also said that they have learned various aspects of safety that would be useful to have and practice.

"When I return to being a teacher, I would also encourage my students to take part in co-curricular activities," he said, especially activities such as being Bomba cadets or any other activities in uniform.

"The uniforms teach you discipline, which is something I have learned," he said, also stating that it was something he was proud to be part of.

Noraseykin Raya, a Red Crescent volunteer, said that the skills gained during her training as a member of a Red Crescent were difficult, but enjoyable.

"I joined because I wanted to do first aid," she said.

She said the skills she learned would be useful in emergency situations in schools, and she would be able to help students if they had injuries.

Siti Salwa Hj Jakir, member of the volunteering group and a first-year student at Kupu SB was proud to be part of the Kupu SB's volunteer. Like other co-curricular groups, she highlighted the teamwork and bonds of friendships they formed.

"We have also made friends with the people we had helped," she said.

She and other volunteers of Kupu SB had set aside every Saturday for volunteer work, and have joined cleaning campaigns and even helped out farmers to harvest padi. "It's a good experience, and I would definitely try to encourage students to take part."

Red Crescent student volunteers from Kupu SB demonstrating first aid skills on the last day of the display of the co-curricular activities in their first semester. Picture: BT/Koo Jin Shen

The Brunei Times

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