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Isnin, 6 Jun 2011

Brunei to host Red Crescent's regional training programme

Wardi Buntar

THE Sultanate will be hosting the Red Crescent's training course for Asean countries next month, an official of the humanitarian group said.

In an interview, Brunei Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) Secretary-General Hj Julaini Hj Abdul Latif said that the Regional Disaster Response Team Refresher Training Course for Asean Countries would be held at the Sultanate's Asma Hotel from June 14 to 16.

The BDRCS is the Brunei chapter of the organisation that provides relief assistance on the principle of humanitarianism, which aims to prevent and alleviate human suffering, without any discrimination based on nationality, race, sex, religious beliefs, class or political opinions.

"It is a chance for Brunei to share with the 10 Asean nations and other participating countries about each other perspectives and experiences of being a volunteer aid group," said the secretary-general.

He added that Brunei was also inviting the Red Crescent members from Pakistan to talk about the experience about the massive Pakistani flood that inundated about one-fifth of the South Asian country's total land area in July last year following heavy monsoon rains.

"We will also share our knowledge and observation as one of the contributors for Brunei's National Disaster Management Centre (NDMC)," continued Hj Julaini.

Discussing International Red Crescent Day, which was observed worldwide last May 8, Hj Julaini said that it was the group's role "to provide humanitarian or volunteer aid in Brunei as well as overseas, as much as we can within our capacities".

The BDRCS hopes to further focus on promoting diversity, opposing discrimination, and joining in efforts to provide decent social services and to ensure that adequate protection, preventive health-care, education and disaster risk reduction measures are taken, he said.

"Most important of all is to enhance friendship and solidarity amongst the Red Crescent and Red Cross (societies) within the region," he added.

Among the group's activities to mark the occasion was a Charity expo held on May 8. The expo was aimed at encouraging Red Crescent unity.

The humanitarian society will also be sending some of its members to join the international "Sukbel" (Youth Volunteers) 2011 Malaysian Red Crescent Youth Camp from May 28 till June 3, 2011 at the Kandis Camp, Bachok, Kelantan, Malaysia to learn about radio communications, fire drills, first-aid and community-based disaster management.

The BDRCS was founded in 1948 and was formerly known as the Red Cross Society of Brunei (PPMNB). It was founded by the late Pg. Temenggong Sahibul Bahar Pg Hj Mohammed to support a decision of the Medical Conference in Cannes, France on May 5, 1918 that called for greater unity of the Red Cross and Red Crescent groups established throughout the world.

In 1977, the PPMNB, which was then under the supervision of the British Red Cross Society, was accepted as the 170th member at the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC).

Following Brunei's independence in 1984, the BDRCS separated from the supervision of the British Red Cross. By 1991, the society was officially registered under the Section 83 (3) Organisations Act as a voluntary aid subject to the terms of the Geneva Convention.

The Brunei Times Online-->Thursday, May 26, 2011

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