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Ahad, 18 September 2011

Belait Red Crescent Society officiates new centre

By Liza Mohamad

Chairman Chai Yum Fatt

Society's members in a group photo at the venue/base

To ensure the effective operations of the Red Crescent Society in Belait, the NGO yesterday morning officiated its base and training centre at Jalan Nakhoda Ragam in KB. Chai Yum Fatt, Chairman of the Belait Red Crescent Society, said that the base would serve as a venue to conduct training and other activities as well to coordinate any humanitarian programmes.

The centre will facilitate the society to expand its mission towards disseminating humanitarian values and extending prompt assistance in the event of disaster emergencies, and community health and social welfare, as well as blood donations. The chairman noted that under the newly appointed committee's leadership, the society will continue its efforts to collaborate with government agencies and general communities in order to expand services in line with its principles.

Apart from providing humanitarian services and volunteering, the society also offers assistance beyond its usual scope by helping needy communities in the district and making contributions in the form of food, workforce and also first-aid kits to schools. With the opening of the society's centre, the public can also just visit the base to obtain any needed assistance or voluntary services.

- Borneo Bulletin Online - Saturday, September 17, 2011.

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