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Selasa, 30 Oktober 2012

Bersatu Bikers Club initiates safety awareness

Mohammad Abdullah

Group photo of members of the Red Crescent Society and the Bersatu Bikers Club. - MOHAMMAD ABDULLAH


A CPR demonstration

In its effort to provide safety awareness especially for bikers, the Bersatu Bikers Club with the cooperation of the Brunei Darussalam Red Crescent Society held a First Aid safety awareness briefing for its members recently. Nineteen club members attended the briefing, which was held at the Pulaie Primary School in Berakas.

The club's President, Zaini bin Hj Pudin explained that safety is always important, especially for bikers. Even though the accident statistics for motorcycle accidents and fatality are much lower compared to other motor vehicle accidents, it is important that riders know the basics of first aid.

Zaini added that this was the first safety awareness briefing held for the club's members and hoped that the they would be able to assist in the event of an accident and provide first aid assistance.

Ahmad Akbal, the training and discipline officer of the Red Crescent Association who briefed the club members, explained that although the First Aid course and briefing were basic, it could also mean life and death in certain situations.

The briefing covered topics such as CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation), broken limbs, choking, bandages and what to do to when a victim is in shock.

The safety briefing is in line with the club's commitment to help its members to be more aware on safety protocols and discipline. With the knowledge of the basic first aid, all its members will be able to act quicker and more efficiently if such emergency arises.

Borneo Bulletin - Wednesday October 24, 2012

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