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Sabtu, 25 Februari 2012

St. Andrew's School RC Club Year 2006 Report

This year the Red Crescent Club of St. Andrew’s School has a great team. We have 14 active members who come regularly to our meetings on Friday mornings. The club is headed by Mr Tiong and Ms Aminah. The members are learning basic first-aid techniques and how to deal with emergency situations.

During the month of February, we were very fortunate to attend a first-aid workshop organized by the science department. The RIPAS nurses gave talks on how to respond to an emergency and to assess the level of damage of casualties. Besides that, we had a number of regular meetings during the year where club members were taught basic first-aid, specially relating to sport injuries and sanitation. The members quickly found out that they have to make use of what they were taught. Just recently, our team were sent to the field on first-aid missions during our school cross-country and sports day events. These learnt in class and during practice. I believe, such exposures will become a valuable part of their life experiences in helping others in need and taking control of emergency situations.

Besides the seriousness of caring for the well-being of another, club members also took time to have fun and take care of their own well-being. In the beginning of the year, we had gone to Tasek Lama in Bandar for picnics, hikes and games which were both memorable and enjoyable for all. It is my pleasure now to thank the many teachers and students who have made the Red Crescent Club a success this year. Well-done and thank you everyone.

Prepared by Mr Tiong

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