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Sabtu, 25 Februari 2012

Subject proposed for SPN21, PKBN

Secretary General of BDRCS Hj Julaini Hj Abd Latif (L) presenting a certificate to one of the 41 participants of the 'Exploring Humanitarian Law Camp' during the closing ceremony on Sunday. Picture: BT/Wardi Buntar

Low Leng May and Wardi Buntar


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

International Humanitarian Law

THE Brunei Red Crescent Association hopes to propose the International Humanitarian Law into the SPN21 education syllabus and into the National Service Programme or Program Khidmat Bakti Negara (PKBN).

Speaking with The Brunei Times on Sunday, Secretary General of the Brunei-Muara District branch of the Brunei Red Crescent Society Sheikh Hj Abdul Kadir Abdullah said that the association hoped to introduce the Humanitarian Law into the education and national service programme syllabus to educate young people the importance of human respect and dignity.

Representatives from the association and the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) were to held a meeting with the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, and the Ministry of Education to bring forward the proposal yesterday.

"That's why we have a discussion how feasible this International Humanitarian Law to be part of our education syllabus and our Khidmat Bakti Negara," he told the paper.

Knowledge of the Humanitarian Law is important for young people, according to Sheikh Hj Abdul Kadir, especially Red Crescent members, to learn their responsibility of working on their feet to help the sick or wounded during accident, or disaster and wartime.

"More on less (to help them understand) we protect (and help) the citizen, the communities, the children...that's the most important thing.

"ICRC Regional Advisor for Asia, Sukhdave Singh, added that the "Exploring Humanitarian Law" programme helps bring out the humanitarian dimension of situations and is especially important now that youth are exposed to issues of violence and negativity through different types of media.

"Youth today all over the world, not only Brunei, they are increasingly exposed to a number of issues around them. Issue of violence among youth is one of them," he said.

"Students get an excitement in playing games, it's very nice to go in, to kill, to shoot...the target is...the more people you shoot, you win.

"He further said that the Humanitarian Law programme brings youth "back to reality" as wars and armed conflict are real and the programme brings into perspective the "humanitarian dimension at times of war".

"There is always a need to respect human life, human dignity at all times. Not only at times of armed conflict or wars but also in their daily lives. It's a value we get students to start looking at right in the classroom, in their community, in their family."

"You don't have to wait (till) when you are faced in situations for you to be aware of the need to respect human life and human dignity.

"Lili Chin, Programme Officer of ICRC, added that knowledge of Humanitarian Law applies not only for times of war and conflict.

It is a topic that can also be applicable for the social issues of youth in school such as school bullying.

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