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Sabtu, 25 Februari 2012


By: Mr. Ong E. H.

Adviser: Cikgu Haji Taib bin Sulaiman

Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Ong Ewe Hock, Mrs. Lina Goh & Dk. Zaliha bte. Pg. Shahbuddin (Later replaced by Dy. Salmiah Ladi)

Exco-members: Chairman - Awg. Sablee bin Kalong (4A5), Vice-Chairman - Dk. Sarbanun bte Pg. Sarifuddin (3F), Treasurer – Mahari b Zainal (4A5) & Parade Commander - Ramily bin Bujang.

The Red Crescent Society was formed unofficially on the 10th February 1983. The society was officially installed on the 9th June 1983 by the Superintendent of Extra-Curricular Activities, Yang Mulia Cikgu Jalil bin Abdul Rahman.

Objectives of the Society

1. To impart basic first aid knowledge to the students.
2. To train and develop students’ leadership and discipline.
3. To impart civic consciousness among the students.

The Society has current member strength of 22. Ever since the initiation in February, the Society has carried out several activities. Among them are:

1. Hiking trip to Bukit Saeh.
2. An educational visit to the Brunei Red Crescent Society Headquarter.

On the social service front, we have served in various sporting events such as the School Cross Country Race, SMJA school sports, Sumbiling Walkathon and the Queen’s Birthday Parade, the opening of the Nation Satdium, Sultan’s birthday celebration, and also the Coming of the Independence Celebrations.

The Society wishes to extend our gratitude to the Superintendent of the Extra-Curricular Activities, Brunei, for officiating at the installation ceremony and also to the Principal of Sungai Kebun English Secondary School for his intense support to the society.

Last but not least, the Society pledges to abide by her motto:

“For the Service of Mankind”

at all times and are looking forward to more activities and social services in the near future.

(Catatan Blogger: Sungai Kebun English Secondary School sekarang dikenali dengan nama Sekolah Menengah Awang Semaun dan masih menggunakan nombor unit yang sama)

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