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Isnin, 26 Oktober 2009

Red Crescent urges teachers to be pro-active

Rasidah HAB

BRUNEI-MUARA - Sunday, June 14, 2009 - AS PART of efforts to empower Brunei Red Crescent Association units in secondary schools and colleges, a total of 26 secondary school teachers attended the inaugural Red Crescent workshop for teachers in charge of Red Crescent units in secondary schools and colleges across the country.

The three-day workshop is aimed at providing the participants with the background of the association as well as theoretical and practical knowledge on first aid.

In an interview with The Brunei Times, Izat Hj Tuah said it is the objective of the workshop to train teachers so that their school's Red Crescent unit will be recognised by the association. The officer from the Co-curriculum Department said, with the response from the first workshop, they hope to make it an annual event. She said the collaboration between the Co-curriculum Department and the Red Crescent Association was an example of a beneficial cooperation as both sides are working hard to make the workshop as helpful and beneficial to the participants as possible.

"I hope that more schools and colleges will come forward and be involved in the association as it is one of the platform through which youth and students can contribute to the community," she said. "This workshop is the first step for teachers to equip themselves with the necessary knowledge. Hopefully from the workshop, they can find ways to attract more students to become Red Crescent members.

"During the workshop, Masyati Hj Md Salleh, the Assistant Director of Brunei's Red Crescent Association said the association is an independent organisation not limited to first aid activities only. "It is a youth association. Teachers and members are free to organise any activities deemed fit and appropriate for its members such as camping and hiking, among others." These activities were important as a way to attract more members; a minimum of 30 members are needed for the unit to be recognised. However, existing units with less than the minimum number of members will not be shut down, she added.

Smart: Masyati Hj Md Salleh (L), Assistant Director of Brunei Red Crescent Association presents the proper uniforms for members. Picture: BT/Rasidah Bakar

The Brunei Times

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