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Selasa, 6 Oktober 2009


By Lyna Mohamad

SOME 40 supervising teachers of the Secondary Schools and Colleges Red Crescent began their three-day workshop jointly organised by the Department of Co-Curriculum Education and the Brunei Darussalam Red Crescent Association.

Held for the first time, the workshop aims to enable the supervising teachers to be well-versed with the background and organisation of the Red Crescent Association and to recognise all teachers as full members of the association and later have the rights to hold any post in the Red Crescent Association.

It also aims to provide basic knowledge on first aid, get close and interact with officials from the Red Crescent Association, help plan weekly gatherings and share and exchange experiences with those who have expertise in first aid.

Following their registrations, the participants were briefed by Head of Uniform Team Section, Department of Co-Curriculum, Cikgu Jalil Pengarah Hj Kapitan.

The background of the setting up of the Red Crescent, an introduction on the Red Crescent’s (national) chart and the principles of the Red Crescent and a questions and answers session were held in the morning.The roles of supervising teachers and the requirements to setting up a team followed with discussions and parade training were done in the afternoon.

Today, participants will make field trips to the Accident and Emergency Unit at RIPAS Hospital and the Department of Fire and Rescue headquarters in Berakas.

Participants will have a practical training on first aid before receiving their certificates at the closing ceremony tomorrow.

Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

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